TS2 Conversion: Hula Dancer Table Lamp

This hula dancer lamp for TS3 is available at Store from the very beginning. Store's one is a very low polygon made. Low poly is nice, but this fuzzy faced stiff dancer made me a bit... disappointed. So I converted TS2's (and added deeper skin color).

Grandfather Wynndale's Electric Candle Add-On

"Grandfather Wynndale's Electric Candle" is a floor lamp added from Fast Lane SP. It's classy and useful. This is a add-on table lamp. FL isn't required.


  • Type:  Lighting &gt :Table Lamp
  • Cast-able Channel :  Hula Dancer = 3 (Shade, Skirt, Base)
  • Cast-able Channel :  Wynndale's = 3 (Shade, Body, Shade outline)


  • Requirement : No EP
  • Polygon Counts : Hula Dancer - LOD 1 = 1457 polys, 1179 vertices
  • Polygon Counts : Wynndale's - LOD 1 = 848 polys, 943 vertices
  • Custom thumbnail :  Launcher
  • Test: game version 6.1.11
  • Package and Sims3pack available


Download { BOX } - package + sims3pack 
Download { MediaFire } - package + sims3pack

Download { BOX } - package + sims3pack
Download { MediaFire } - package + sims3pack 

This will replace Store's Prius balloon with the one without ad. It's a default replacement and requires original Store's Prius balloon from "Toyota Prius + Eco Pack + Celebration Pack (Free)". This tee-shirt version is here.


  • Type : Default Replacement

General / Compatibility


Download  BOX }
Download  MediaFire }
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